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1Good Informations Empty Good Informations on Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:30 am


Forum Member
In this server we have the beginer guide: https://saintflyff.forumtl.com/t23-saintflyff-newbie-guide
Is a good guide!

But, we have very much information in secret, and is hard to discover it when the player are newbie why the players not know or not want talk about it! In this post i want discover:

a) How i can get blue chips??? Nobody know.

b) What is the stats of Cataclism Weaps (all)?? Nobody know (or no want talk about it) (can talk all edited weaps: royalum etc)

c) My friend talked me: after buy a cataclism weap for 5000 blue chips (!!!) the weap have 07 days validate! Is true??

d) What mob drop what weaps? (main weaps). For example: in normal flyff Dread Drakul the Diabolic drop champion ring, here no. Here we have edited bosses, what is drop?

Its only for now. Sorry my bad english. Very Happy

2Good Informations Empty Re: Good Informations on Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:52 am


Forum Member
Hi there! Thanks for reading my Newbie Guide ^^ and to answer your questions...

a) I found some Blue Chips all over the Kaillun Grasslands when I went to see if the boss was there. But I don't really know where you can get them either.

b) A guildmate of mine got a Cataclysm Staff. He didn't remember what bonuses it gave but it had + something to all stats and reflect damage.

c) Yes, this is true.

d) All accessory sets drop from Chief Keokuk (the boss mentioned in question A) you can find him in the Colosseum or the Kaillun Grasslands. I think everything else still drops what they normally drop. I could be wrong though :s

3Good Informations Empty Re: Good Informations on Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:31 am


Forum Member
I realy apreciate your reply, but we need data!

We need intermediare/advanced guide. The information not is hard to colect for any gm/adm, therefore, i challenge the competent authority to colect this info and post for we, and if possible with screens.

With this data on hands we can make a nice intermediare guide and put moviment on forum through appropriate dissemination ingame.

Some GM is empowering? Very Happy

Sorry my bad english! Laughing

Good Informations 20jre6g

4Good Informations Empty Re: Good Informations on Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:04 pm


Forum Member
If you vote for saintflyff you get some boxes in game, there's a chance you can get blue chips in them. Catalyst axe Adds:
Increase Attack +90% Adoch+95% All Stats+80
Sword Adds:
Increase HP +60% Additional Damage of Critical +100% All Stats+80
Knuckle Adds:
Int +70 Str +100 All Stats +80
Bow Adds:
Additional Damage of Critical 100% Critical Chance +100% All Stats +80
Yo-Yo Adds:
Str +150 Increase Attack +210% All Stats +80
Wand Adds:
Int +100 Increase HP +50% All Stats +80
Stick Adds:
Int +100 Decrease Casting Time +80% All Stats +80
2h Axe Adds:
Melee Block +50% Increase HP +70% All Stats +80
Slayer Adds:
Increase HP +70% Additional Damage of Critical 95% All Stats +80
Staff Adds:
Int +200 Reflect Damage +30% All Stats +80
~The weps are only for 7 days.
Champ adept,defender etc Is droped from Cheif Keokuk. He can be found in colosseum or in Kaillun Grassland.
Royalum weps drops from the boss in Sanpres. Hernesseum from Herneos... If you need more help pm me in game Very Happy IGN:NiceCream

Good Informations 2a3pms

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