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1Spirit Masters Order (Seraph & ForceMaster) Empty Spirit Masters Order (Seraph & ForceMaster) on Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:25 am


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Post your Tips and Builds for Seraph and ForceMaster Builds here.

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i want to throw a pokeball at you BolbaCat

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and more WIN to this SiG
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pure dex.


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I made my Seraph Full INT for longer buff times and more healing power. (Even though healing sucks in this server :s)

Got enough INT to make most of her buffs last a little longer than Buff Pang :D (generally ~500 seconds longer than Buff Pang's 1 hour buffs. Haste was around 5000 seconds)

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Game Master
Game Master
Seraph to Full Sta tanker .. and make it as a 2x Hit de-buffer in siege using Holy Cross Razz

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Rider's Forcemaster Guide
1) Equipments
2) Builds
3) PvP

So hey everybody. Some people asked me what are my equips with my FM Rider, so I decided to share my experience here.
1) Equipments : For a good PvP forcemaster you need I) Good asal II) Alot of HP III) Alot of block chance.
By Good asal I dont mean dealing over 3m. By good asal i mean damage that will kill most classes like 2m. Other thing your asal needs is Decreased Magic Motion Time or for short DMMT. The max is like 100% so DON'T USE FLURRY/WEDGE (level 45 assist set for DMMT). It's really a waste. The only good thing you get there is the DMMT which is 40% and on the fashion set each piece can get up to 3 awakes and u can get 30% from 1 awake. I personally use level 130 set because of the HP and Block it gives. I have 2x 30% DMMT from my fashion and 20x water cards (A) on my weapon/shield. Thats 100% already but since gauntlets are without any very good awake i have 20% from there too. Also you need alot of MP +20% awakes. Like 4 or 5. Now add some STR awakes and some INT awakes and here you go! Your asal should be fine. My cs set gives me +600 STR and +300 INT. I know it's not alot but I focused on HP from the cs set, because you need HP versus psykeepers/blades/yoyo jesters and so on. On my posters I got +200 STR, glasses +200 STR, Cloak +200 STR so my STR is perfectly enough to hit over 2m ASAL. Also when you have a nice weapon +10 already (and don't use SGG because it can't be boosted with diamonds/cards) go for +36% PvP Damage via diamonds at flaris. A great boost!
Now for the HP. Level 130 set / Maw of Judgement / Heart of rhisis. Thats the equipment I use. From the fashion awakes I've got a total of 3x HP +50%. That makes alot of HP boost but after you reached like +250% HP do not go on with +HP% awakes. Now prioritize +200 STA awakes (for fashion) and +150 STA (for normal). That gives you a VERY nice HP. The perfect HP for a Forcemaster (in my opinion) is like 1,4m to 2m. More isn't needed because it will weaken your asal.
Last but not least - Block chance. Your forcemaster cannot survive EVEN a second versus some Slayer without block chance... No honestly... they hit over 1m in PvP and u can't have over 2m hp and still deal good asal damage. So let's calculate what's the block chance of my forcemaster Rider. Maw of Judgement (Ranged +20%), Heart of Rhisis (Melle +20%), level 130 Forcemaster set (Both +20%) and it's +10 so (both +15%), champion's set [jewery] (Melle +20%). So let's calculate - using those equips you have Melle block - 75% and Ranged block - 55%. That's perfectly enough! Even if that Slayer manages to hit you once, he shouldn't be able to one-hit you. Without block you will be fish food for those hungry Slayers.

2) Builds : So now you must see if your forcemaster lacks HP or lacks asal damage. Do you have at least 1,2m HP (using grilled eel's and all other +HP stuff)? If you don't then add STA till you get that much HP. Can you hit over 1m asal now? Not? Then add STR to your build. You must make your build according to the situation Smile

3) PvP : So now that you have over 1m HP, hitting over 1m asal, having a nice block (at least 50%) let's try some PvP. Prepare your Stonehand and your Sonic hand, because silence is your worst enemy. Since sonic hands use FP instead of MP even after silenced, you can use it. If some crackshooter silence you, act quickly - sonic hand him and stun him. Make him stun-locked. After the silence effect wears off... well you know... something like... ASAL HIM!!! Most difficult enemy is the YJ. You stand close-to-no chance versus them. First of all they have stealth. They have the first hit. And unlike the other classes they also have a spell that can 1hit - HoP (Hit of penya). It can deal over 1m without much problems so they have the upper hand. Other spell they have versus the BP's is the Counter. Imagine that - you are asaling an yoyo jester and he uses counter, neutralizes your damage and stuns you... You are out of mana with 20 sec. Cooldown on your asal and he has all his skills prepared. I'll tell you a little secret about how to beat a YJ. Prepare a full HP build. Make a second fashion set only with HP+50% and STA +200. You should reach over 3m HP. Now your champion set reflects damage and they should HoP Suicide in you. If they deal over 2m hop - they shouldn't have much HP then. So they hop you and they die. If they go for more tanky build so they can survive their hop, then it wont deal much damage...

So I hope you liked it! For any questions ask me in game
~ Rider

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THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I have been waiting for someone who's willing to guide the newbies and newbies on a specific class Very Happy

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My Seraph's buffs is longer than Buff Pang... (Most are 7000+ seconds, Protect is 6700+ seconds, Holyguard's 6800+ seconds, and Haste is 8900+ seconds).

But why is that Spirit Fortune is only 11 minutes?

Ma zweie ra irs manaf chyet oz omnis
Cleansing is the only way...

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