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1 SCAMMER LIST! 2012 on Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:36 pm


Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator
Yo guys! Forum Moderator Razukaii Here And Welcome To The Scammer List, Well Here's The Scammers!

Facebook Name: Dekdek Paroan
In Game Name: lLolzKiel
Scammed: He scammer a donator psykeeper
one month later he tried to scam the same guy agian but it didn't work out.
He Scammed: Michäel Jerico Sad

In Game Name: girliehhhhh
Scammed: she scamemd a donator BP and a perfect non donor BP
The Both BP was mine / Nick Greg Sad

Facebook Name: Don't know his facebook name but i'll try to find that out later Smile
In Game Name: lZephirothl (this is not the GM lZephirothl and it's not Russell Ferrer because Russell / Zephiroth retired as GM and then someone took his GM name so don't blaim Russell Ferrer he's not a scammer i don't belive he would scam Smile

In Game Name: NewEvent
Scam: he's trying to scam people's account by mailing them and saying they won 20 set perin and gold kheldor cloak so beware of him

5.This is'nt a scammer but a guy with in game name MePwnn is saying that iamAkiraXD / iamMiccaXD is a scammer but she's not a scammer i know her so u can belive her, don't trust MePwnn about that.

6. Erwin Lagrosa!!
he's a poser, it means he's using other facebook accounts than his real so they wont know his real facebook is a scammer Smile his real facebook is Erwin Lagrosa
Tips if you wanna avoid scammers:
1. don't trade account with someone you don't know
2. don't let anyone borrow ur account/item that u don't know
3. even if they say please,promise i wont scam,u can trust me,i never scam. DO NOT BELIVE!
4. please just don't trade accounts Smile
5.u can trade but it's on ur own risk.

PLEASE IF U FIND A SCAMMER JUST MESSAGE ME ON www.facebook.com/razukay557,Post a reply here Or Contact Pluto in game.

// Nick Greg

Last edited by Razukaii on Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:36 am; edited 7 times in total


In game names: ToiletNinja,ToiletPaper,ToiletCleaner,ToiletVisitor. FB: Nick Greg lol!
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2 Re: SCAMMER LIST! 2012 on Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:43 pm


Forum Member
1. U dont listen to ur own rules XD

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3 Re: SCAMMER LIST! 2012 on Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:53 pm


Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator
haha i made this list after i got scammed


In game names: ToiletNinja,ToiletPaper,ToiletCleaner,ToiletVisitor. FB: Nick Greg lol!
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