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Aloha! This is Trinah a Forever Alone Player type thing.
Very Happy

What is Guild Siege?
Guild Siege is a server-wide event that occurs everyday at random time in SaintFlyff . To determine which guilds will have a chance to prove their powers, a bidding system is utilized. Each guild places a bid to be in the top 8. The guilds eligible in the top 8 will be able to fight amongst themselves. The winner of the Guild Siege obtains fame and fortune(and also braggin rights): each member of the top three winning guilds will receive Red Chips; a sort of currency that is used to purchase Level Bloody Set, Looter Pet and Wing Mask. The winning guild's members will also have a special crown icon to the left of their names. In addition to that, the MVP (Most Valuable Player); which is the sieger that scores the most points, will have a special medal icon appended to their name.

Advance Guide in Guild Sieging

1. Of course you need a guild.

*Choosing a Guild is kinda an easy one. But there are many different kinds of Guild Sieger .

(1) A player (I don't care player) that doesn't even care who is his or her guildmates. And just want to play a guild siege.

(2) A player(Choosy Type Player) that is a bit choosy, choosing a guild one that is strong enough to carry his or her character back throughout the Guild Siege event.

(3) But a good player that is a bit independent about his or her teammates . One that choose the right guild and can make it through the entire Guild Siege event with or w/o the help of his or her teammate.

2. Different Types of Guild Sieger. ( Don't be offended okay)

(1) The Newbie type of player . We are all expecting that newbie players of saint flyff will not earn much to much points at Guild Siege. They just prefer damage over hp. So don't expect to much that they will it make it through the game of the Guild Siege

(2) The HP type guild sieger. Well one that prefer Hit points over damage . So expect that his or her character will be in the late game of the Guild Siege but don't expect that he or she will gain much to much points . As she or he is good only for DEFENDER type thing in the guild.

The Scorer . One that is really prefer damage over HP. And can really do much of a points . And as usual don't really expect that this character will last long in the Guild Siege as she or he maybe let's just say LITTLE Hit Points type of player..

(4) The Switcher. One that is High Hit Points and High Damage. We all know that switchers in guild siege is a bit trending and a pain in the a**. One that is good enough to handle his or her character well. Most of the switcher can switch his or her equipments in HP to Atak or Atak to HP in a Long seconds . But some players can switch his or her equipments in a split second which is rarely to see.

(5) The One of a Kind Player (LanOnSaint Suggestions). A player that is a PLAYER ALONE = GUILD. One does really rare to see. And a must have player in the guild which can be a BIG HELP gaining a CROWN in your guild.

3. Tips in choosing guild.

(1) Let's be frank some guild is kinda have different weaknesses and their goal is to fill their weaknesses into strength so choose a guild that is aiming for the CROWN not aiming for the fun.. Hope us just one thing that can make you into the top . Hope to get the medal and crown. And someday not just the crown but to aim for the prince in Major Saint Flyff tournaments. So choose a guild who wants to be in the TOP.

(2) A Friendly guild master and guild mems is one of the factor that player is longing for. If the guild master is just a Trashtalker and a Boastful type one what will happen to your guild.

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