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1Special QnA Event (w/ Occasional Prizes) Empty Special QnA Event (w/ Occasional Prizes) on Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:10 pm


Special QnA Event (April 5, 2012)

Venue: Arena Ch.1

Prize: Royalum Weapons of their Choice (Occasional Prize)

1. He was the only one of the Twelve Apostles who was not a Galilean, but a Judean. JUDAS
2. He was born in Betsaida (in Galilee, Israel.) By profession, he was a fisherman. PETER
3. He was believed to be from the Jewish tribe of Judah. JUDE (Thadaaeus)
4. He was a fisherman and a native of Galilee in Israel. THOMAS
5. HE was said to be of the Jewish tribe of Zebulon. PHILIP
6. He was the brother of the apostle James; he was also the son of Zebedee. JOHN
7. He was a tax collector before being called by Jesus to follow Him. MATTHEW
8. He was believed to have left Jerusalem and traveled first to Egypt and then through North Africa to Carthage. SIMON
9. It is said that this apostle prayed a hundred times a day and a hundred times a night. BARTHOLOMEW

1.iCry (Royalum Yo-Yo)
2.Kasuki (Royalum Sword)
3.StarCandy (Royalum Bow)
4.Cyberdonxxx (Royalum Sword)
5.iSync (Royalum Sword)
6.Keruberos (Royalum Sword)
7.Yundaimee (Royalum Bow)
8.iYhatz (Royalum Bow)
9.MrPapaBoL02 (Royalum Knuckles)

Thanks for participating and Congratulations ! cheers

"A real pro is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat what others achieved. Don't mock me if you don't want to taste HELL"

"Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination."

Special QnA Event (w/ Occasional Prizes) Bellemund

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