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Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator
Alright so as I said in my last report, I'm making a full asal billposter gear on my blade account, so all the awakes and pets (except fashion obviously) were done by my blade.

The prolem is (2 problems but one of them I assume it and it's okay)

1. (most important)

After loosing a Conqueror ForceMaster Shield with epic awake (str +300 and inc atk +90%) due to hack/rollback/bug or wtv, I knew Rob wouldn't take the time to check what happened. I decided to make another awake... This time I got a worse awake but still pretty good (inc mp+40% and sta +150). When I transefer all the gear I upgraded and awakened to my brand-new future bp, it acts like the shield is soul-linked. WHERE WAS IT WRITTEN - This item will be soul-linked once equipped.-

I'm sorry but I don't want to loose any more time to awake a THIRD shield... I believe it is not my error for not knowing the new v18 shields were soul-linked and that you need to do something about it. This time I won't let it pass so easily I've lost enough time.

2 solutions:
-Make a GM or Admin spawn the shield with this awake (is it possible?) and delete the one I have on my blade.
-Transfer the item (or just the awake) to my bp (or to a clean shield on my bp)

I'm sorry for looking mad and harsh but you have to understand me it's the second time that I have a major problem with the same equips and I decided it was enough.

Small suggestion:

Add the quote -This item will be soul-linked once equipped-
on all the v18 third job shields.
AND do the same thing with pick-up pets because if it has an awake it won't be tradable which was my second (minor) problem.

Bellemund if you read this please tell Rob to do something about that, he won't answer me if I pm him on facebook and he didn't even accepted/refused my gm application even though he told on the forum that he'd like to see me as a gm...

Thanks! I'll try to stay positive but it's really hard after all this...


Game Master
Game Master
or remove the -Soul Linking- in certain items.

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